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How to see West Greenland

  1. Fly to Kangerlussuaq to see the edge of the ice cap. But don't take a bus tour. I went there with Albatros Artic Circle and it was chaos. We left about 45 minutes late, they forgot a key that they needed to get through a gate so we had to wait again for someone to bring it out, someone slipped on the ice and hurt his head but on the way back there was no communication between the passenger compartment of the vehicle and the driver so when he later needed to stop there was no way to alert them (even though they had given us a radio for this purpose they hadn't turned theirs on). So take a tent and spend two to three days hiking up there. You should see musk oxen.
  2. You can do the Arctic Circle Trail to Sisimiut if you want. But it's a bit of a slog and the scenery isn't that special. If you don't do it you can fly to Sisimiut.
  3. From Sisimiut climb Nasaasaaq for fantastic views. 
  4. Take the ferry to Aasiaat (it only goes once a week, so get your timings right) and change to Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island.
  5. Go hiking again on Disko Island. Make sure you see the waterfalls in Brededal. Look out for humpback and fin whales when you are by the coast.
  6. Take another ferry to Ilulissat to see the Ice Fjord. You only need a day but it's very impressive.
  7. Fly home from Ilulissat.
  8. Don't go on an organised tour. It will be more expensive and you will see less.
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